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Whether it's B2B or B2C, marketing writing is like laying down a trail of breadcrumbs. With every word that resonates, readers move closer and closer to taking action.​ Do you know how to keep them reading?


I'll help you identify your buyer personas and create search engine optimized (SEO) collateral that delivers the click.


Request stand-alone assets or economical bundles of monthly content for lead generation, sales enablement, or customer support.

Christie Fitzgerald

Sr. Solutions Consultant, Sprinklr


“Gina is an incredible content marketer. Her skills as a content writer are excellent. When those skills are paired with her love for marketing and research, the work she produces is incredible.” 


Young Man


How are you telling your product's story?

Professional Woman Smiling


Your knowledge is your greatest asset. Let's share it with the world!


Make a personal connection.

Dennis Behrman

Director of Marketing, ACTIVE Network


Gina is a key element in the development of ACTIVE Network's marketing center of excellence. Simply put, the quality of her work and of her leadership of a team of content marketers is top notch in every measurable way. Under Gina's leadership of the content function, my marketing team consistently moves the ball forward with the ideal recipe of on-target tone, topics that resonate, and innovative formats.


For me, the bottom line is always conversion, and I am never disappointed. Gina's writing and editorial skills ensure that her whitepapers, e-books, social feeds, blogs, and emails stand out in an incredibly noisy space.


I highly recommend Gina for all content marketing endeavors.

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